About Us

Welcome to Sara Silva Music. This band is composed of my sister, Priscila, and me, Sara. Our music is Christian-based. Some friends join us to play occasionally, and we love connecting with other bands and groups.


I learned guitar in 2003 in my youth group at church. I started helping with worship, and I never stopped. In 2010, my sister and I started playing more worship sets at different churches. We have played with other local worship teams, helping out with vocals or instruments.


Playing at Commonground Church’s Fall Festival at Broward Elementary October 2009

Priscila plays the piano/keyboard, bass, and ukulele, as well as a little violin, clarinet and saxophone. I play mostly play guitar, and I have basic skills in piano and bass. We sing in various ranges and harmonies, and we both want to learn new instruments, especially the banjo and mandolin.

One of the big reasons we started this music trek is that we believe that churches should be joined together. Sometimes our differences pull us apart. But if we all know there is a God, Jesus was sent to die for our sins, and He rose again to be with the Father, then there should be no other thing that separates the body. We all know that the best way to connect with people is music, and we love playing with other groups and sharing our love of music and the love of God.

We have begun a new venture with writing our own music and connecting with social media. Check out our other music pages.

https://soundcloud.com/elephantcereal – Priscila’s Soundcloud



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