I’m really happy that these writing prompts are still going!

This week’s theme: Send

You’ve almost done it. You’ve written all that you had to say. Yo’ve filled this white screen with a narrative of words and emotion. You’ve reread every line for clarity and errors. Why haven’t you sent it yet?

These are important words to be said, to be read by the people that it is sent to, or to anyone else searching to know. Why haven’t you sent it yet?

All the feelings that you have felt for all these years spill out onto this white screen, and it will be revealed to who knows how many people.

You’re second guessing yourself. This doesn’t matter to others as much as it matters to me.

But these words will make it matter. People will read and know. They will have a new understanding. It is what you were made to write.

So, why haven’t you sent it yet?

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