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I try to keep a good track on all kinds of music. I usually have some songs on repeat in my mind. I don’t think I can ever get away from it. So when I share a song with someone and they say they have never heard of it, it still shocks me. I know, maybe most people are not as connected to music as people who are constantly in it. But as I listen to other radio stations, they are still playing the same music. I change the station, and the same song is playing. It’s just a repeat of sadness, anger, lust or greed.  My question is, why would someone want to constantly be in that type of mood?

Music was the big thing in my high school. Cliques and personalities were created by the music they enjoyed. I remember trying to connect with every group I could, even the country kids. Even then, music affected my mood and outlook on my life. I wonder how more difficult it is to survive through high school with the kind of music there is now. I’m not saying that the music kids listen to are ruining their lives, but it is a factor.

I feel emotions in every song. That’s why I feel like dancing when I hear Pharell’s song, or I feel like breaking something when I hear Eminem. Music sets my mood for the day, every time I get in my car. Just like when electronic music gives me the extra energy in a workout routine, or when bossa nova makes me want to take a long vacation. When I share music, it’s giving someone else hope. That’s what I love the most.