Many posts from Los Whit are thought-provoking, but not as much as his recent post. He surprises his kids with a Disney day, but disguises it as a trip to the local bounce house. Apparently his son wanted to go to a bounce house more than Disney.

In a couple of hours I’ll be in an interview for a position in the main office. Deep down inside, I really don’t want to change jobs. I started working on campus as a student while finishing my bachelor degree, in hopes of getting a full-time staff position with tuition benefits. I worked part-time and took my classes until I finished, three years later. Two more years later and still no staff position. I didn’t want to leave all the great people I am working with. Now there are too many changes happening within the next month. People are retiring, and there will be a shift in departments.

I am forced to take a step in a different direction. In our college group last night, we talked a little about how God allows things to happen to move us in the right direction. I am feeling this right now. I have so many options, so many opportunities. There’s even things moving in the worship leader part. Work on my Master’s degree, pursue worship, work in an office, help the community. I thought I would be over this decision. There will always be something to decide over. So here I am, constantly whining in my head, trying to get my way instead of trying to see what God wants.

All I know to do is to constantly run to God for direction. I just want to do His will. He knows I have a heart of all people. He gave me the compassion. I just hope that I am hearing him well and that I am making the best decision. I don’t want to cry over the small decisions that I have to make. I want to see the bigger picture.