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oakland bay bridge wallpaperI’ve been wanting to write a new post for some time now. But July 25th came around, and I was waiting for the right time to write everything out.

First of all, I have to say that God is so amazing. His timing is always right. I have always known this is my heart, and sometimes my flesh may fight. But I still kept this is my mind, that God has a plan and we all have our position in it.

It started on July 25th, when I found out that SUM Bible College was looking for a worship pastor. God made this connection about 1 year before, with someone that would later be in a position to offer this opportunity. I received a message asking if I wanted to move to California. I was unsure at first, but I didn’t want to miss out on something great. The first week, I started doing the application and working on my resume. Within a week I received all the letters of recommendation I needed. The 2nd week I got a chance to meet with some of the faculty in Orlando, and we had an interview. From then on it was a matter of waiting and praying and hoping someone would let me know the results.

On Thursday August 15th, I received confirmation that I will be flying to Oakland, California for a week to visit the campus and see if I am the right fit for what they are looking for.

I am not as nervous than what I thought I would feel. I know it will hit me as I am on the plane. But I am praying and planning all this week, trusting in God that He has prepared me to do this work. I will do all I can to fulfill the need, and God will take care of the rest.