Yesterday I was reminded of a story in 2005. I was going on a missions trip to Mexico again, and we all had to write our testimony. I had such a hard time thinking of what to write, and our leader gave us a revelation that I always kept with me.

Maybe we weren’t saved from an addiction. Maybe we weren’t healed from any disease. Maybe we were raised in the church and we didn’t experience any trauma growing up. Even though we have a good life, we should remember how God has kept us protected through it all. Our testimony is that we were protected from harm.

8 years later, and I have a slew of testimonies to share, all within 5 years. My father survived 2 heart attacks. I survived a boat accident, with my leg intact. My sister was healed of back problems. We finally had the opportunity to visit family in Chile after 16 years. The story of my brother and his son is a long one, and there is still more left to unravel.

The biggest testimony is this: sometimes we don’t know why things happen the way they do. We may be sad or angry about the situation. But if we trust in God to make good of every bad thing, he will give us the peace we need to make it through. It’s just that simple.

What is your testimony? Maybe you haven’t seen or realized that you were protected. I know now that at one point in my life, while I was trying to find myself, I was protected. God is always around.