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I’ve been trying to find new content to write in this blog, and I think I finally found it! Sunday Setlist by TheWorshipCommunity.com will be a semi-weekly post of the songlist(s) we sing for Sunday services. I help with All Nation’s Outreach Center‘s services every other week, as well as other worship sets like Organic Life Coffee House‘s Burn 24/7 and other benefit concerts like the Find the Cure! Benefit Show.

I started saving my setlists on an excel spreadsheet in June 2009 because I wanted to make sure not to sing the same songs in youth service on Wednesday nights. It’s been almost 5 years later, and I’m still adding to this list weekly. I also  enjoy researching hymns and new music to mix with the “regular” songs.

Sunday Setlist for 4/7/2013

  • Nothing is Impossible – Planetshakers & Israel Houghton
  • Higher – Worth Dying For
  • The Anthem – Rick Pino
  • Show Me Your Glory – Jesus Culture
  • Holy Spirit – Jesus Culture
  • Everlasting God – Fellowship Church (Offering Song)

I love how Show Me Your Glory and Holy Spirit connected together. I did both songs in D, so it was easy to flow back and forth between both songs. All Nation’s loves doing worship for about 1 hr, and I’ve been learning to stretch songs and add transitions to fill between songs. So many new ideas come out of these worship sets, and most of them leave my memory for a time. But when I play these songs again, I hope they will return!