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I’ve been wanting to write a song as long as I’ve been playing guitar (May 26 will be 10 years!). It was one of the reasons I had a desire to learn. I wrote more poems back then, and I thought the poems would go great as lyrics. But I would have to take out most of the words in my poetry to fit to a melody. I always had songwriting in the back of my mind, but every time I would try to write an original, it sounded like another song I heard on the radio. Frankly, I was frustrated.

I knew something was coming when this new year started. I was excited about starting another year in my life, and I knew good things were coming. So when LifeQuest‘s Celebrating the Arts Night was coming up, I told the organizer that I will be playing an original song. But I didn’t have an original song a month ago. So I starting carrying my notebook and writing every little phrase my mind thought of. I had a few good beginnings, but nothing was sticking.

About 4 hours before we had to play that night, a song came. I was at Organic Life Coffee House after a morning worship set. I sat outside with my guitar and a notebook. As I was working on another song, I started to play “Nothing But The Blood”, and this song formed after. I love hymns, and I enjoy taking an older song and making it sound more contemporary.

I’m so happy this song came. It’s called “Your Loving Sacrifice”. I couldn’t have finished it with my sister Priscila, filling in a few lines and giving me feedback. Thank You, God, that songs are finally forming. 🙂

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