Today I am thankful for the Christian student organizations on the college campuses. I was involved with Intervarsity when I was at Hillsborough Community College, and I connected with Chi Alpha at the University of South Florida.

I don’t remember exactly how I connected with Intervarsity. I think it was a per-chance encounter in one of the student lounges. But I always anticipated meeting for bible study once a week. That short amount of time kept me connected and focused on what I was doing in my classes and how it connected with what God wanted to do in my life.

I am still involved with Chi Alpha as a volunteer staff. After working with them for more than 4 years now, I understand the importance of how a christian student organization can impact a student’s life. This is especially true for the freshmen living on campus for the first time, possibly far away from their family and friends. If christian students don’t find a christian organization they can connect with, it would be more than likely that the “grown-up” stresses of life could overcome them. I’ve seen so many of my classmates suffer from depression, alcohol and drug addiction, and so much more.

Sometimes it’s difficult to connect with students, because so many of them are either coming or going. But I know christian organizations are doing what they can to connect with the ones we can reach out, hoping that they take a little understanding about God and taking it with them to the new direction in their lives or back to their home country.