It’s funny how busy I’ve been. Catching up on class work, working on music sets, and working. Work, work, work. It seems I have my hands pretty busy.

But for the past few weeks I’ve been feeling very crafty. I want to make something. I want to have a finished product that can be used, and I can be proud and enjoy the use of it. Anytime I feel that way I grab my crochet hook and start to work. I would think I’d be more productive music-wise. But the thought of my nice BIG collection of scrap poetry needing read overs and revisions throws writing out the window.

I need something quick and simple, something that my mind can feel contentment and accomplishment for. So I started making a plarn bag (not this one exactly). I just found these directions online, but I think it will help me finish my bag. I’m following my own pattern. I’m REALLY excited about it because it’s not only fashionable but economical and environmentally friendly.

I remember being a part of the “recycling movement” in elementary school (notice my favorite “Save the Planet” sweater. I was never really a recycler at home. So I think I followed the movement to feel like I was part of something.

But I’ve always wanted to make a difference in everything I was given. So where is this motivation now, when I am in the final semester of my degree? I have a bad case of senioritis. Even now I could be working on something for class. But maybe my thoughts and ideas need to come out so that I can make room for more work (I know I’m making excuses).

Thanks to the creators of crocheting and my favorite knitting circle for relieving my hunger to be crafty. I WILL finish my plarn bag. Soon.