Steve and Rhonda Wilson are missionaries to Patagonia Chile. They’re dear friends of my family, and ever since I was little I admired their heart and dedication to the people of the coldest parts of Chile.

I was walking into the kitchen when I saw their newsletter on the front of the refrigerator. They send out a semi annual letter to us, and I always enjoy reading their stories about the weather in Patagonia and the amazing things God is doing throughout the small cities there.

At the end of the letter I read about their boat situation. They had been waiting for this boat for a long time. The boat arrived to Valparaiso in July 2010, but it was not in their possession until December 2010. They still had a lot of work to do on the parts inside of the boat (here and here). The last entry about the boat was in February 2011, and from their Summer 2011 Newsletter, I think they are still having difficulty.


Patagonia is made up of tiny islands, each with a population of people waiting to learn more about God. They have information on where you can send donations to help with the boat HERE. I think the information is still valid. I think I am going to start my own fundraising to help as well.

The people of Patagonia Chile are my people, and I know Steve and Rhonda Wilson love them with God’s love.