This poem is from a devotional called Streams in the Desert by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman.

“Hold on, my heart, in thy believing-
The steadfast only wins the crown;
He who, when stormy winds are heaving,
…Parts with his anchor, shall go down;
But he who Jesus holds through all,
Shall stand, though Heaven and earth should fall.

Hold out! There comes and end to sorrow;
Hope from the dust shall conquering rise;
The storm fortells a summer’s morrow;
The Cross points on to Paradise;
The Father reigneth! cease all doubt;
Hold on, my heart, hold on, hold out.”

My friend posted the last stanza of the poem on her Facebook, and I thought it sounded like song lyrics. I might be able to write a song out of this poem.

Sometimes I wish I were more eloquent in my writing skills. There’s just so many thoughts crowding my mind at the moment of writing. I throw my words on the page as if I spilled a cup of coffee. The ideas don’t connect. I was just writing in my notebook last week, and when I finished filling a page I saw three separate streams of thought meshing together.

I’m not a complicated person. I like simple things. I want to write simple songs that everyone can sing. I guess I could just expand on different topics and write everything I can think of in that one subject. It all has to do with practice. I know some people that can write a new song in a matter of minutes. I wish I could do that. But I know there is a certain song that needs to come out before that can happen.

Another friend described something to me that can be applied to the idea of writing a song. He said that when a vision (or idea, song, dream, etc.) comes, there needs to be a incubation time. A time to meditate, to build faith in that word, and to see whatever God has given you to come to pass. The way he illustrated it was by using the story of Mary. Anything could have happened to Jesus while he was in her womb. Mary could have been killed for being pregnant and unwed. No one would understand the reason for this until it came to pass, until Jesus was born.

So I am waiting to see what will come out of all this. God has already given me ideas on what kinds of songs to write about. I just want my first real song to be perfect.  I know I can’t write it on my own.