Every time I ask a person how they are doing, they tend to respond “fine” or “good”. It’s an automatic response that we are use. I do that all the time. Sometimes we don’t want a person, let alone a complete stranger, know how we are feeling.  But what if something is going on inside? What if that person is trying to tell you something, but says “I’m good” instead?

Sometimes I feel like I need to ask a friend again if they are doing OK. Or if I know something that they were concerned about, I could ask them about that situation. Too bad most of the time I am too busy doing things I want to do. Sometimes I wonder if i am really concerned for the person. But we were all wired with a sense of concern and compassion. We are created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27). the church should be a close-knit community where we can go and share problems with friends and encourage one another. But we have separated the public and private life so much that we have detached the two, as if we are living in two completely different lives.

I know I have a lot to work on in my own life. But what about your family and friends’ lives? I remember in many of my sociology classes they talk about how families have changed over the past 100 years. We’ve transformed from communities to individuals, trying to help ourselves when helping each other would make things so much easier.

So when you ask someone how their day is going, make sure you look at the person’s expression when they respond with their “good”. they might want to say something more…