Right now I am in college working on a B.A. in Sociology. People fascinate me, and one class I am taking is very interesting: Social Psychology. It combines both Sociology and Psychology. Anyways, the professor was talking about internalization, which is repeating an action over and over until it becomes natural to you. If there is no internalization, you forget what you have learned. After finishing my class, a friend suggested that I read Romans. And as I started reading, I thought about an important factor in having a closer relationship with God: applying what you have read to your personal life. It is like “hiding God’s word in your heart, that I may not sin against Him.” Psalm 119:11 (In Context: Psalm 119:6-19)

So as I was reading Romans, especially Romans 1:21-32, I looked at my life and thought, “Am I doing this same thing?”. When I get really busy I tend to forget about spending time with God. When I was younger I used to say the same prayer every night. As I got older I started praying my own words to God. Now…I tend to fall asleep before I finish praying. That could also be a sign of old age, but it is a sign of not “internalizing” God. We need to talk to God everyday, about everything. We need His words in our lives, so that when problems arise we can speak God’s word to make it through.

I have noticed myself being in the flow of the daily routine. Sometimes I feel like a train, moving along with a set trail, not stopping to really notice what is going on in my life and the lives of others. At times I stop to analyze what is going on and where God is working in my life, but it is not as often as I should.

This is just a thought and a reminder (to myself mostly) about stopping the constant monotony and “smelling the roses”. Enjoy time with family and friends, contemplate the vastness and splendor of God, and make sure time with God is a habit in your life (better yet, a lifestyle).