On Saturday March 27 I visited an event called The Lion’s Den Cafe hosted by Extraordinary Life Church. It’s monthly event to gather youth groups together for worship, prayer, and the word of the Lord. I went to see the event and enjoy the worship, but the pastor called me up to play a few songs.

As I was standing on the stage in front of a small audience, I felt this humbling. And I explained to the youth groups present that it’s not about being up front and performing. It’s about being real and open, and showing God’s love in the things you do.

As I climb up the steps and walk on the stage, no matter what size, I get this awe and humbling feeling. I know I do not deserve to be in the position that I am in. I am not the greatest singer or the best guitar player. But there is a reason and a purpose for where I am. So I continue to lead worship, and wherever the Lord puts me I will do the best I can with what I have. It’s all I can do.