So I was listening to Spirit FM this morning. They were talking to a new band called Satellites and Sirens. They told a story about how a girl from Kentucky saw them in a store, and she thought they were Kings of Leon. And it reminded me about an article I read on them in Relevant Magazine’s May/June 2009 edition. The thing that really amazed me about that article is the fact that their father was a “United Pentecostal church pastor and a traveling evangelist, and their mother led worship”.

After reading that for the first time, I thought how wonderful it would be if they were a Christian band. They were not raised in any secular music style. They said they only listened to gospel when they were kids. I don’t know their view on Christianity. I hope it wasn’t warped by their childhood. But if one day they were to believe and accept, that would be a great day in history. They’ve accomplished a lot over the years. But I wonder how much more they could do, how many more lives they could touch, if their songs were songs of praise.